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Artificial Greenery: Bushes, Plants & Vines The beauty of nature re-created in silk!"tm.
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Save money using artificial greenery to complete your room display. In stock today is a wide variety of artificial foliage and greenery.
From plants to bushes to grasses we have easy maintenance artificial foliage in stock and ready to ship today.
Our foliage is used for retail merchandising, hotel & restaurant decor, casino trim, commercial interiors, theater & movie productions, set design and more!
Min order: $100. Sales To Businesses Only. 

Fall Foliage
Flower Bushes
Greenery Bushes
Tropical Flowers
Tropical Foliage
Tropical Trees
Silk Foliage

Acalathea Bush
Danica Grape Ivy
Emerald Beauty
English Ivy
Fern Bush
Grape Leaf

Grass Bush
Japanese Privet Bush
Ligustrum Laurel
Magnolia Bush
Mini Leaf Bushes
Oak Leaf Bush
Philo Bush
Pothos Bush

Silver King/Queen Bush
Smoke Tree
Spring Meadow Bushes
Vinca Bush
Virginia Creeper
Wandering Jew
Wild Grass
Wild Raspberry

Supplying the Visual & Event Industries with exciting and creative decor since 1987!







Pothos Bush

Pothos Bush coated finish
Pothos Bush on center trunk
Pothos Bush-natural touch

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Fern Bushes

Boston Fern
Fern Bush
Forest Fern
Fishtail Fern
Maiden Hair Fern Bush
Peacock Fern

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Silver King/Queen Bushes

Silver King Bush
Silver Queen Bush

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Cissus Bush-natural touch
Cissus Bush/Spray

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Grape Leaf Collection

Grape Leaf Bush-natural touch
Grape Leaf Collection
Grape Leaf Garland

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Spring Meadow Bushes

Allium Neapolitanum Bush
Candle Grass Bush
Daffodil Bush
Dog Grass Bush
Forsythia Collection
Froth Grass Bush
Lavender Bush
Mixed Grass Bush
Mixed Vernal Bush
Pagoda Grass Bush

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Coleus Bush
Coleus Bush-natural touch
Coleus Bush/Vine brick/green
Coleus Plant

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Grass Bushes

Grass Bush 19,20 and 23"
Grass Bush 17,19 and 23"
Grass Bush 36"
Grass Bush (plastic) 80lvs
Grass Bush (plastic) 120lvs

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Wandering Jew Bushes

Wandering Jew Bush-natural touch Wandering Jew Bush, more colors



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Cycas 12,14,16"
Cycas 19"
Cycas 21",24 and 28"
Cycas 21", 31"

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Also see English Ivy, Danica Grape Ivy and Mini Leaf bushes.

6ft Ivy Garland
Imperial Ivy Bush-natural touch
Ivy Bush-natural touch
Ivy Bush/Spray
Lipstick Ivy Bush
Needlepoint Ivy Bush

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Wild Grass

Wild Grass 14"

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Danica Grape Ivy

Danica Grape Ivy-green
Danica Grape Ivy-red/green

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Mini Leaf Bushes

Mini English Ivy Bush
Mini Leaf Bushes
Mini Leaf Ivy Bushes
Mini Star Ivy Bush



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Yucca Head 19,22 and 23"
Yucca Head 20 and 24"
Yucca 26"

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English Ivy

English Ivy Bush
English Ivy Bush-natural touch
English Ivy Collection

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Philo Bush

Canary Philo Bush-natural touch
Philo Bush coated finish
Philo Bush on center trunk
Philo Bush Vine
Philo Bush-natural touch


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